Rainbow Flag City Hall August 2014Written by Orla Egan

A Cork Lesbian and Gay Action Project was started in 1984.  A leaflet on the project, produced by the Cork IGRM, the Cork Gay Collective and the Cork Lesbian Collective states: “the need for closer consultation and co-operation within the gay community has prompted the recent formation of the CORK LESBIAN AND GAY PROJECT which has as its main objectives the improvement and expansion of the existing social, political, supportive, and advice facilities for the lesbian & gay community.” (Lesbian & Gay Rights are Human Rights Leaflet produced by Cork IGRN, Cork Gay Collective and Cork Lesbian Collective, Cork, 1984)

The project aimed to explore the possibility of starting a youth group, looking for a building for a lesbian and gay centre, starting a befriending group, expanding the phone service, having socials and forming a health group.  (Notice of meeting re Cork Lesbian and Gay Community Project to be held on 25 April in No. 4 McCurtain Street)

An article in the May 1984 edition of Round Up reported on a meeting of over 25 lesbians and gay men from the Lesbian Collective, the Cork Gay Collective and the Irish Gay Rights Movement to discuss both existing facilities and areas of future action.  Among the outcomes of this meeting were:

  • The setting up of a study / structure group to seek out a larger building for a new lesbian and gay resource centre, and to examine the kind of organisation needed to co-ordinate gay activities in the city.
  • The revitalising of the befriending / switchboard services.
  • The re-starting of the youth group.
  • The initiation of an information / archives ‘data bank’

(“Cork Gays” in Round Up Women’s News No. 7 May 1984)

This can be seen as the start of moves which led ultimately to the establishment of the Other Place LGBT Resource Centre in 1990.


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